Adventurous trip to Bong Mines

29.11.2012 15:19 von Emmanuel Blama

St. Paul Catholic High School

We planned to leave early in the morning and to arrive in Bong by 8:00 or 9:00AM. But we couldn’t met this plan, because there was a discussion held between Anthony and Ms. Langford that was intended to clarify certain issues. This discussion led us until 7:50 when we left the orphanage.

We arrived at Kakata at 9:20AM and rode with a motorcycle to Bong mines. The road to Bong Mines was very rocky and in a very bad condition.  Unfortunately, there was a first stop at a repair shop to align the tires and adjust the chain. After this stop, we started our journey again and be headed for our destination.

On the way, we felt strong movements around the tires. After we observed what is it, the rear tire was flat. Due to this, we had to pay the guy for the distance yet far. There was no way to get another motorcycle; so we called Aaron Mulbah from Bong Mines to send someone to pick up us and we started walking towards Bong Mines. We walked about 45 minutes or an hour - then the motorcycle came up to us and picked up Anthony and me. On our way, the motorcycle had a flat tire too; making the amount of broken motorcycles two.

After the flatness of the tire, we decided to go separate and Anthony got a motorcycle that was carrying a passenger and he joined the passenger on the motorcycle. I also got a lift from the city solicitor of Bong mines in a short time from there to Bong mines.

By the time I reached Bong mines, I was 15 minutes later from the time that Anthony arrived and it was already 2:15 PM. All of the students waited for us and I met Anthony who was about to start the picture taking process. I joined him and we carried on taking pictures with the aid of the principal and her teachers, they were calling the students by their names while we took the pictures and marked them with numbers. We took pictures of all kids that were present at that time and wrote down certain information about them.

After the entire photographing process, a brief meeting was held with the teachers to enable them to talk about their problems and find ways to solve them. This meeting was short, because we had to leave as it was already late for us to get home. By 4:23PM, we left Bong Mines for Monrovia and this time around there was no hindrance with the motor cycle. We arrived in Monrovia by darkness.

During the next days the pictures was submitted to the office of Kinder Afrikas e.V. in Germany.

Everybody, have a great time reading!
Emmanuel S. Blama