The Rabbit Project

07.01.2013 16:04 von Anthony Collins

The rabbit project at the Monrovia Training Academy is a project stamped out by an internet discussion. The project idea and support started with Mr. Thorsten Schaefer.  I remembered that - back in March - we started a chat on facebook. He asked me how the poultry project was going. I told him that getting the chicken into the coop was difficult. Although, we got the first chicken in, the problem of feeding them became another challenge. After that, we both talked about the chicken and he asked me if I was interested in rearing rabbits.  I immediately told him that I was interested since the rabbit project and the cost of maintaining the rabbits in the hutch were far cheaper, as I concluded in my mind after our conversation.

So in mid-April, I told Thorsten, that I wanted to start building the hutch. However, I haven’t had any cash to purchase the materials for the construction of the hutch. So he offered a donation of two hundred United States dollars to the project for construction purpose.  As my contribution, I took the responsibility to purchase a pair of rabbit.  I hired a carpenter to start the process of the hutch construction on April 20, 2012. The hutch got completed one week later, unfortunately it was wrongly constructed. The miss-out on the entire design, and the manner in which the hutch should have been structured;  due to this error, I had to appeal to Kinder Afrikas e.V. for one hundred forty United States dollars loan to purchase new planks, nails and zinc to rectify the error on the hutch.

So the hutch got completed in May 2012. However, while we were building the hutch, I had already paid thirty- five United States dollars for a pair of rabbits. I paied for the rabbits, as my contribution to show that I appreciated Thorsten's and my initial agreement. The project got stall, when the guy who should have given me the rabbits; sold my pair of rabbits. At the time of the hutch completion up to September; I could not get my rabbits. During this period, Thorsten kept asking about the state of the rabbit project.  I kept giving him an update; he once asked me if the rabbit project will still be possible. I told him that even if it takes a year, the rabbit project will be possible. He also supported me and I was always sure that I was never going to settle down for a cheap failure.

On September 23, 2012 while in service, I received a call that the guy finally brought my pair of rabbits. I was so glad! Finally I have seen the reality of what I told my partner a few months back. To speed up the project, I also bought a pair of New Zealand white rabbits from the same seller. As of the current date of this article publication; the doe (female rabbit) of the first pair is pregnant. I am expecting the doe to give birth to litters on November 15, 2012. It was a tough journey to get the project started, but the courage and determination have made the project a success. I like to extend my gratitude to Thorsten, Kinder Afrikas e.V. for their support and endurance; when the project could not kick-off. They kept waiting on me.


This project is expected to move on quickly and bring us to the point we envisage. I am glad that the rabbit project is getting underway gradually. The project, I must admit has a future. The first rabbits, I got for the project, the female (doe) gave birth to four bunnies on November 18, 2012. The second set of rabbits, female also gave birth to five bunnies on November 28, 2012. Unfortunately for me, the dogs at the MTA opened up the wired area. As a result, three of the bunnies got killed by them. I should have nine bunnies in the hutch. However, because of the three bunnies killed by the dogs, I am left with 6 bunnies currently.

The past success of this project, I want to give it to Thorsten. He have been always an provider of ideas for the project. I also like to extend my gratitude to the chairman of Kinder Afrikas e.V. for his support. He provided fund from the organization; in order to seal up the hutch with plywood. Without your commitment, I personally think this reality could have remained a dream.  I am hoping that this project will be the largest in Liberia. However, this will not come through sleep or some dream world. It will only be a reality of hard work, honestly, support and confidence that will make it possible.

In subsequent articles I will keep informing you about the project.

Thank you so much for reading this article and hope you had a great time reading.