The Queen Contest at the MTA

14.06.2012 12:48 von Anthony Collins

The Monrovia Training Academy Elementary, Junior and Senior High School held it very first queen contest on June 10, 2012.

The contest started at the precise hour of 3:30 PM. The program had eight contestants, namely:

                      • Haja Bawon – 1st grade
                      • Josther Toomey – 2nd grade
                      • Nancy Johnson – 3rd grade
                      • Marie Baysah – 4th grade
                      • Tezee Koko – 5th grade
                      • Vivian Howard – 6th grade
                      • Inez Tucker – 7th grade and
                      • Patience Anani – 9th grade

The contest had four rounds; each of the rounds was won by Miss Vivian Howard. Second in line to each round was Miss Tezee Koko.

After the fourth rounds, each contestant’s money was counted to know the total sum being raised. While the money was being counted, the scalp was put on display. There were two scalps, one was for the first winner. This scalp is a bright green, with white around it; it has the inscription, Miss MTA Winner at one side and another side queen of the MTA 2011/2012.

The Runner-up, Miss Tezee Koko of the 5th grade also got a scalp with the inscription Miss MTA Runner-Up 2011/2012.

After the total sum of the money raised by each contestant was counted, the crowd now anticipated the announcement of the final result. The result was given in an ascending order. That is, from the least to the highest amount being raised on the contest.

The least sum raised came from Miss Josther Toomey of the 2nd grade class. She got the total sum of Two Hundred, Seventy five Liberian dollars. It equivalent in United States dollars is three dollar and ninety-three hundredths (US$3.93).

The other contestants followed, sitting in third place was Miss Inez Tucker of the 7th Grade class. In second place, this is the runner-up Miss Tezee Koko. The runner-up realized the total sum of five thousand Liberian dollars (L$5,000.00), it equivalent in US dollars is US$71.42.

tl_system/content/de/Wie_wir_helfen/Projektblog/2012_06/P1150429.JPGLast but not least, was the winner Miss Vivian Howard. She won the contest with the total sum of fourteen thousands Liberian dollars (L$14,000.00), the equivalent in US dollars is US$200.00, all taken at the rate of 1USD to 70 Liberian dollars. From the total amount of the raised money (L$ 28,795) the sum of L$ 20,000.00 or USD 270.27 will be kept as fund toward the building of the auditorium of the school.

After the announcement, the winner and the runner-up were called on stage to have each of their scalp places on them. This was done, but it was not the official crowning ceremony. Due to the late time and fast approaching darkness; the official crowning ceremony was scheduled for Wednesday June 13, 2012 at 10:00 AM. On this day the winner and runner-up were splendidly dressed. The runner-up (Miss Tezee Koko) was dressed in a check-up board dress; she had her hair fixed with her own scalp around her.

The winner (Miss Vivian Howard) was sparklingly dress in a red suit, with red shoes to match her clothes. The ceremony took place with the placing of the silver crown on Vivian head. Both of them were congratulated and the hall became filled with music. They became crowded with different individuals putting in their own dancing creativity.

tl_system/content/de/Wie_wir_helfen/Projektblog/2012_06/P6130066.JPGLater, the winner and the runner-up were given a ride on motorcycles rented by the school. The both of them rode on different motorcycles with other bikes honking their horns behind them. After an hour of moving around in the community, reaching the car road, the winner and runner-up returned to the campus. The music played on, until everyone got tire with themselves.

The contest, although it is the first in the school history, but it has left an indelible mark on the Monrovia Training Academy school.