The Pig Project

20.12.2012 16:05 von Anthony Collins

The pig project is a project we are using to create a bigger project. As you may have already read or not,  I have been stimulated that about 74,000 children will die in Liberia from 2009 to 2015 because of malnutrition. It is not yet estimated, how many older persons will die from malnutrition, because of the lack of protein rich meat, vitamins, mineral, carbohydrate rich food. It is against this background we hope to grow animals that prices our people can afford. As for the communities with orphanages, we hope as our project enlargement, to provide assistance to those who cannot afford.

Due to my many tasks, I have designated a well experience agriculturist, in person of Mr. Jackson Nawtuwa to manage this project adequately at his home. It is a project, along with the rabbit project that will be move to a larger farming site.

Currently, we have two piglets, a boar and a sow.  From our agricultural knowledge both will reach maturity at six months; the both of them, are 3 months old. Both projects are for the future, this is not in the far future. As we look to obtain the necessary capital to start a farm. To start the project, we had to take loan from Kinder Afrikas e.V. to start this project and I am confident that the project will be a success. But the blocks, zinc, nails and the workmanship to construct the pig pan was provided by Mr. Nawtuwa and me. We want to expand and start a farm, but due to the lack of capitals we are identifying little projects. It is this little we hope to raise capital from and start the farm.

However, if the capital is available, we like to start vegetables production and planting of pineapples.

I will keep informing you all, along the way; as I count on your supports.