Selling Phase of the Poultry Project

05.04.2014 07:01

The poultry project could have been the most successful project; if interference had not step into it. We have experienced interference from the very inception of the poultry to the eventual sale of the chickens. The second phase of the project started in August 2012; with the stocking of two hundred (200) day old chicks.  The period in which we started was not favorable.

However, we all did not have a clear knowledge on some important aspect of poultry production in Liberia. I learned from my poultry production class that is it advisable not to start a poultry farm in rainy season due to the heavy down pull of rain and the poor method of heating.  The age of the birds, as it relate to such season is dangerous without the proper mechanism. We did not have proper heating equipment for the birds; since we have to rally on charcoal for their heating. As a result, we lost most of them before reaching maturity. By the time of eggs laying, we had left 95 birds in stock; reasons being most of the birds died during heating and rodents attack that last for two months.
However, let it be known that the period under which we operated the poultry, we were all novice to poultry farming. Although we did not meet our targeted goal, but we got some success that can serve as a motivating factor that we can do better in the future.  The chicken’s sale began in March 2014, when I instructed Moses to put the chickens up for sale; after e-mailing Richard about the lack of eggs from the birds. He consented that we have them sold, to avoid huge loss and see how to work out the loss incurred already.  So at the time of the bird’s sale, we had a total of 92 birds in the poultry. Here is the breakdown on the birds at sale
  • Total chickens up for sale
  • Total amount sold
  • Amount into credit from Vivian Cooper Waylee
  • Amount given to orphans for food
  • Amount that got sick & died during sale
  • Amount unaccountable as it related to Ms Langford taken it away

I have tried to make her account for the sixteen chickens; but to no avail. Let it be clear at this juncture; that Ms Langford did not pay for the 24 cards of egg she took with her to Maryland for the burial of her mother in May 2013. The total cost of the 24 cards of eggs amounted to L$ 9,000.00 or US$ 118.42. During the period of chickens sale; each of the 50 chickens was sold for L$ 550.00 or US$ 6.71. See below:

50 chickens x L$550 = L$ 27,500.00 or US$ 335.37

After the sale of these 50 chickens, Emmanuel deposited a total amount of L$ 26,000.00 or US$ 317.07 into the organization account and the balance L$ 1,500.00 was distributed among Moses and the two kids (Korvah Mulbah & Daniel Landford); who have helped me overtime in caring for the chickens. I think and still believe that the poultry project is one of the bright projects to engage in, if we are to start the poultry again, it will be at our great advantage that we do not start it in rainy season and not at the MTA compound. The reason behind this is, the MTA family does not distinguish between project that is share and not also willing to accept the one that is straightly Kinder-Afrikas e.V. They see everything as their legitimate property or entitlement.  I want to thank you all for the experienced we have gained in managing the poultry, even if the chance to operate from a clear point was not available. However, I think the knowledge acquire already will carry us a long way in managing future poultry. In the coming week, the Obassanjo Farm will be during a ground breaking for the poultry industry in Liberia. They have a hatchery and feed production machine, I think this will serve as a boost and lessening of the cost of getting the birds and feed in Liberia for small scale farmer like us.