Report on a school trip of Scholarship Student Emmanuel Blama

04.04.2012 00:01 von Emmanuel Blama

Emmanuel Blama

My name is Emmanuel S. Blama and I am from Gardnersville Monrovia - Liberia. I was born on February 1, 1994, I attend a yellow and black painted school (Wells-Hairston Institute) on the road side of the Chicken Soup factory Community opposite the Maggi Cube Factory in Gardnersville Monrovia and I am in the grade 11. I am also a staff member of Kinder Afrikas e.V. and a scholarship  holder of the organization. I work as the Sponsorship Programme Manager for the organization responsible for the straightening of the Sponsorship Programme.



Let me first begin with thanking Kinder Afrikas e.V. and all its hard working staffs, members and sponsors for providing such atmosphere that enable us (native Liberians) to have quality education. Not just quality education but education at the expense of someone else.

Today I want to report on a school excursion I was able to attend in February:


The trip was a very interesting one to every student of the Wells-Hairston Institute and especially for me; it was a trip that made me for the first time to reach Tubmanburg city and Bomi County as a whole. The trip was intended to celebrate the Gala anniversary of a school in Tubman Burg. We went there to play two schools in soccer and kickball games.

We departed the school campus on Wednesday, February 23rd in the morning hour at about 10 am and went on our way singing and singing loud and louder in the bus. We reached Tubmanburg in the afternoon hour where we went straight to the first school that we werethe destination. On our way we stopped at the Duala market to buy some food stuff and soup kind for ourselves that included biscuits, juice, breads, butter, peanut butter etc.  The school also bought a bag of rice, a gallon of oil, some fish and ingredients for our feeding.

tl_system/content/de/Wie_wir_helfen/Projektblog/2012_03/SAM_0131.JPGWe played the game that day and the opponent won the girl’s game and the boys game went equal/draw, both games were Junior High Session games. After the games we were all allowed to go around and see how the area looks like. In the night, we slept in the bus while other people had families there that gave then rooms to sleep. The next day (Friday February, 24, 2012) in the morning hour the school had a practice match with the second school that we were suppose to play finally before coming back the next day. Our school team won this practice match four goals to 0.


By the afternoon hour at 2 pm, our girls have completed cooking the food and we were all called upon to eat ours. After we finished eating we went to play the game of the staff. The second school also won the staff game one goal to zero, it was a game for the old forces. The game started and ended and the opponent won 7 homes to 6 homes. Following this game was the boys’ with the people in the area because we at least won a game that everyone awaited. All games were played on Bomi spor soccer game which everyone long awaited because they believed that all the other games were just fun and jokes. Our boys were in their jerseys and well prepared to take the eagle very high. This game ended in our favor with our boys winning one single goal to zero.


After the game we all got zealous to now party with the people at this place. After the party at night, in the morning hours of Saturday February 25, 2012 we all prepared and left Bomi County for Monrovia. We reached safely and there was no confusion or clash or misunderstanding between any of our student or staff and any other student, person or staff. Thank God for Kinder Afrikas e.V. for providing such help for us that we can be able to witness events/happenings like this.