Reopening of the Monrovia Training Academy

10.02.2013 17:25 von Emmanuel Blama

In accordance with the pronouncement of the ministry of Education of the Republic of Liberia that all schools should reopen for the beginning of the second semester on the Fourth (4th) day of February 2013. The Monrovia Training Academy Elementary, Junior and Senior High School reopened its doors at this day.

Early in the morning at about 7:45, the normal time for the start of devotion, students were on campus and the normal devotion was conducted. Announcements concerning the school and other information were also made while in devotion. After the devotion was conducted, students went in their various classes.

A majority of the students were absent and the minority were in attendance in a happy mood and ready for their lessons. Teachers were also present in readiness to continue their normal routine.

The green and black painted walls of the school building were all looking beautiful and in their good manner for better teachings and learning. Each of the class rooms was visited by the owner of the school to see the interaction of the teachers and their students.

Later at 10:30AM, the bell for lunch was rang and students came out of their classes to buy food and other things for lunch. Some students bought sweats like candies, biscuits, chewing gum etc. while other bought cassava, rice or fufu.

At 11:00 AM, another bell was rang and all students returned to their various classes to continue their lessons. Later that afternoon by 12:30, school was dismissed and all students departed the school campus for their various houses to study and get prepared for the next school day.

To conclude, we (MTA) want to thank you (Kinder Afrikas e.V., all Sponsors, well wishers and the rest) sincerely for your continuous humanitarian services to this great institution.

May the lord guide and protect us all and may our institutions (MTA School) and Kinder Afrikas e.V. continue to progress and grow more and more.

Thank you all!!!