Lehrerworkshop zum Schulbeginn

04.03.2015 16:03 von Richard Pöschl

Morgen soll der Schulbetrieb nun endlich beginnen und unsere neue Schule in Bong Mines wird zum ersten Mal seine Tore für die Kinder öffnen. Alle Beteiligten sind schon sehr aufgeregt.

Damit alles glatt läuft und sich vor allem auch die Lehrer schnell in ihrer neuen Rolle zurechtfinden werden, haben wir am Tag vor dem Schulbeginn einen Workshop veranstaltet.

Zum Ablauf und Inhalt des Workshops hat uns der neue Schulleiter Mr. Sam Sumo Bahbor folgenden Bericht geschickt:


Children of Africa School System [CASS]

Administrative/Teachers Refresher Workshop

                                                                                                       March 4, 2015         


In an effort to refresh the minds of our instructional staff as well as administrators, the administration in connection with the management team of the above mentioned institution embarked on a 1-day refresher workshop on March 4, 2015.

The success of the workshop in relations to refreshment can be highly accredited to the management team.   The facilitators received  compensation  for their presentation made during the workshop.

Those who facilitated included;

Mr. Francis D. Kollie, DEO—Fuamah district, lower Bong county. Mr. Francis Kollie presented on the topic—[EBOLA AWARENESS/PREVENTIONS], in his presentation, he emphasized the need for everyone to protect themselves, their families and the community as well.

The topic “LESSON PLANING”, was presented eloquently by Mr. Paul S. Natee, VPA—of Bong Central High, the only public high school in Bong mines community. During his deliberation, Mr. Natee pointed the following elements of a daily lesson plan, Grade level, date lesson is taught, time/duration, subject etc.

Mr. Matthew G. Madeh presented on the topic “CLASS ROOM MANAGEMENT”. In his presentation, Mr. Madeh never forgot to mention that an effective classroom management is the basic technique/ principle a teacher will used over a period of time.

The principal, Mr. Sam Sumo Bahbor, Sr. presented on the topic “PROFESSIONAL ETHICS AND BEHAVIOURS”. In his thesis, Mr. Bahbor mentioned that despite the varying definitions of ethics, ethics is just ethics. However, Mr. Bahbor argued that if one must be ethical in his deals, he/she must tie it only to the “Golden Rule”, of ethics.


From 8:30 am, the workshop ended at 4:25pm with the principal giving a vote of thanks. At such time, the principal after thanking the facilitators and the participants used the occasion to encourage his teachers to work hard so as to make the school a second to none in the district. This brought the workshop to an end.  

Mr. Sam Sumo Bahbor, Sr.