Independence Celebration at the Monrovia Training Academy, July 26, 2012

07.08.2012 13:28 von Emmanuel Blama

July 26, 2012

My name is Emmanuel S. Blama and I am employee of the organization Kinder Afrikas e.V. having its root in the Federal Republic of Germany. I occupy the position as a Sponsorship Program Manager sub-branched here in Monrovia, Liberia.

The independence celebration at the MTA started with the arrival of Ms. Langford (mother and founder of the orphanage) along with some food stuffs and ingredients on July 25, 2012. As soon as she arrived, all the kids in the orphanage were happy and were celebrating the arrival of Ms. Langford and the food she brought. That same day, a pig was killed led by some of the bigger boys. Ms. Langford explain how to prepared and cook the pig at the next day. The pig was perfectly cleaned and cut into pieces and was parboiled the same day. Moreover, some of the pieces were offered to many individuals and some people from the orphanage including me, Anthony Collins, Mr. Amos Cooper and even Charles Cooper. These pieces where roasted and eaten and begin what was going to happen the next day. Also on that same day (July 25), the girls and Ms. Langford cleaned and prepared the chicken they bought from the market, got charcoal and kitchen utensils ready, parboiled and saved the meat, prepared all the ingredients and had them keept safed and then everyone departed and waited for the next day.

Early July 26, 2012 morning, at about 8:00 AM, Ms. Langford, Ms. Cecelia Vintom, some boys and the older girls came out and began preparing the food while the smaller kids went into their rooms searching their bags for clothes to wear after eating their food. Some went on playing and waiting on the food to be ready to eat. The cooking was a lengthy and interesting one, a very delicious Joliffe rice was prepared by the cooking team. After the cooking, the food was distributed among all the kids and older people in the orphanage and everyone enjoyed having a delicious meal with a lot of ingredients and meat. After the meal, all the kids went and had a bath and wore their favorite clothes. Ms. Langford therefore allowed those kids who could control themselves to go and socialize with other kids and friends of the community. A specific time was set for everyone to come home before or otherwise you will be punished. In the evening hours, Ms. Langford turned her generator and Television on and kids who were interested in watching movies came and were watching the movies together with Ms. Langford as usual. After the movie, everybody including the kids went in their respective rooms and sleeping places and had their sleep and that was the end of the Independence Day celebration.

Let me now use this time on behalf of the MTA family to thank the hardworking staff and the board of Kinder Afrikas, all honorable sponsors, and donors for providing the funding that enabled us to have an enjoyable independence celebration. We wish to say that we are grateful for all your assistance you are giving us and may God bless you all.