Garden Project of Anthony shows first success

21.04.2012 00:20 von Anthony Collins

Anthony Collins

My name is Anthony K.C. Collins and I grew up at the MTA orphanage since September 12, 1996. I study accounting with emphasis in Economics at the African Methodist Episcopal University (AMEU) and Agricultural Science at the University of Liberia (UL). Since 2009 I am the country representative of Kinder Afrikas e.V. in Liberia.

My garden project started back in January 2012. At the time, I intended to cultivate a large field. Unfortunately, this idea never materialized since I had engulfed myself with lots of tight schedules. As such, I was left with no option, but to cultivate just a plot of land.

Since I decided to cultivate this plot, I was also confronted with the question of what kind of crop to sow.

tl_system/content/de/Wie_wir_helfen/Landwirtschaft/Agrarprojekt/Galerie_1/SAM_0422.JPGI first though of planting only cabbage. However, I had to think about the care and the lots of time that I will need to care for the cabbage. So I opted that instead of planting cabbage alone it will be necessary to plant a crop that takes fewer nutrients from the soil and produce great fruits, a plant that will need less care. I have sown watermelon seeds. Notwithstanding, I had my cabbage and pepper seeds on the nursery bed. Since the cabbage and pepper seedlings have to be planted at a certain height. I had the soil prepared with pigs manure and sown the watermelon seeds.

tl_system/content/de/Wie_wir_helfen/Landwirtschaft/Agrarprojekt/Galerie_1/SAM_0455.JPGThose watermelons, I first planted reached maturity in 90 days. My first major harvest took place on March 17, 2012. During this harvest, we got six watermelons that have reached maturity and cabbage leaves that were worth 1,000 Liberian Dollars or about 15 United States dollars. All was given to the orphanage to supplement the kids diet. We had local harvest before coming to our second harvest where I got a total of 15 watermelons for the orphans. The kids were eating watermelons early in the morning before leaving for school.

Some kids from the neighborhood also shared in this second harvest. On the 8th of April 2012, we also harvested 7 watermelons and cabbage leaves that was worth 1,500 Liberian dollars or 22 United States Dollars. I have had other minor harvest, where the kids have little pieces before going to bed. I harvested a total of 72 watermelons from the garden.

I truly, liked to extend my gratitude to the Kinder Afrikas e.V. family in Germany. I must admit that your concern and frequent help have really made this project a success. I also like to thank my sponsor and his wife who took upon themselves to send me the wonderful seeds, especially the pepper.

I remain level headed in pursuing this goal. In order to help these children balance their nutritional diets. I have hot pepper seedlings on my nursery bed. I will transplant it very soon. But since we are now in rainy season, in my country at the moment, I cannot venture around the field with any crop.

The area gets flooded every rainy season. I personally would like to thank the chairman of Kinder Afrikas e.V. for the pumpkin seeds and other seeds he gave me.

My gratitude go to Thorsten Schafer, who also made it a duty to send me seeds of all kinds. However, I am not going to plant them now.  I am safely keeping the seeds for the next planting season in October 2012.

The kids are very excited and many of our neighbors are amaze about the large size of the watermelons. They cannot really believe that we grow it right in a poorly drain clayey soil.

Well, I feel that the garden was a success. Especially when we put in a very little time. But the best thinkers are the orphans who have it all.