How my families and other Liberians are benefiting from this scholarship

10.09.2014 14:34

In the Name of Allah the most gracious and the most merciful

The goal of the organization Kinder Afrikas e.V. is to give hope to needy children around the world, especially in war affected countries. Indeed this organization gave me hope after I had lost my hope.

I graduated under the sponsorship of Mr. Richard Pöschl in 2011-2012. But after my graduation the head of our home passed away (died) and left not less than ten of us home, among whom I was the only high school graduate. Thus I did not have money, but the little knowledge I had achieved from high school and technical institution through this scholarship. Nevertheless at this deplorable time I felt that it is the time to fulfill my promise that I had made to your Organization.


Since the death of our father, we haven´t receivend no support from others. But with the grace of the almighty God, I took care of our major needs by providing my family with services like food, clothes, education and others.

My little brothers, sisters and widow mothers regained hope by providing services like food, clothes, education and others. Even though I am not employed or doing any good income job, I went into battle and use these techniques to meet the above mentioned needs.

Other Liberians benefiting indirectly from the scholarship

Computer technology is limited in our country (Liberia). The few technology institutions in Liberia are very expensive and many Liberians are interested to be literate in computer technology, especially the youths. But unfortunately many of them cannot afford the costs of the computer institutions.

Based on my difficult situation, I also thought that it is the time to fulfill my commitment made to your noble organization.

I organized a free training program where I tought many youths and children and also assisting others in their documents processes. I can say this for sure: This program has reduced the local criminal rate in my community and gave hope to other needy youths and parents. I also get involved in a volunteer community initiative even though, I don’t have money and my families too. But I am innovative, hardworking, and above all patriotic. I use my little knowledge to assist in rebuilding our society. (I mainly contribute to the human resource development and peace building.)


Meanwhile my family are benefiting from my work by receiving services like food, clothes and education. While other Liberian benefiting from my technical knowledge program: The peace and academic awareness program.