Ebola - a report from Aaron, Bong Mines

13.12.2014 16:05 von Angelika Göricke

Citizens of Fuamah, Bong Mine were introduced to the killer disease [EBOLA] after spending few months in Kakata city, Margibi County. Ebola first introduction came in from the first community, the Nyean community in Bong Mine just 13 miles away from Kakata city. The virus escorted its victim [Nuwoe Kollie] a female from Kakata city to the Nyean community in Bong Mine and kill her before her many family members, friends and love ones. While many denied the virus as untruth it ran faster and killed its victim, mother, sister and friend. The virus left the various communities in Bong Mine Traumatized with many friends who visited the victim begin washing their hands with lot of chloral water that came their ways, during that time. In the month of August, it was on the tongue of every one that the virus was finally in Bong Mine. Knowing the information was not still enough to stop the virus from coming again. Its second coming was the most fearful and deadest of all. As we enter September, the virus came again from Kakata by a boy who it was suspected by his parent that he was poison in his dream. This boy was transported from one place to another leaving its (Ebola) on everyone who comes across him. After the cold hand of the virus took the boy, many people soon begin sick including his own mother with some high profile persons within the communities. In few days, there were reports of Ebola cases in many communities in Bong Mine and its environs including: Cephas town community, Coconut farm, Mawah town, varney town and Morlungbanga community. Etc. The dead toll begins increasingly high as day after day people died of the virus in various communities. This made other communities members to escape to the surrounding towns and villages. It soon begins the talked on everyone tongue again,” Fuamah Ebola crisis.” Government and other local, national and international partners came in and the cases reduced. While it’s truth that the cases have reduced, there are still suspected cases been reported daily. The total suspected and confirmed Ebola death toll so far between August, September and October stand above 30 including women and children. In light of all, there are children in various communities whose parents died and are left along with psychological effects. Who takes care of these children in term of education and other social needs? This remains the question on the mind of many including the writer. The effect of this animals and human killer disease has left many children, women and men as well, victims. They are left with emotional breakdown with no one to take care of their social needs. Please let someone help to contribute to the social needs and save the lives of these women and children in Fuamah district, Bong Mine.                   

                                                                                                                   Written by: Aaron S.  Mulbah