Easter Sunday at the MTA Orphanage

09.04.2012 15:45 von Anthony Collins

The Easter Sunday at the MTA Orphanage Home started with the measuring of 15 cups of flour. The mother of the home (Oretha Langford) asked the bigger girls to do the baking. While they got flour from the warehouse, our mother asked me to get cabbage from the garden for the home. Some little boys joined me to have the cabbage and the watermelons picked. While the boys and I were in the garden Ms. Langford went to the market. She came back from the market with two motorbikes. One of the bikes was carrying the food stuff. The plastics had dry fish, chicken wings, chicken feet, pig feet and other things.

I came with the cabbage and watermelons and handed everything over to the kitchen crew. Before, Ms. Langford arrived, a pot of bread was already baked. This first bread was given to the very little orphans. They ate their bread and went to service; the bigger girls were slashing the cabbage leaves. During this time, I went for service.

Upon my return, the food was already prepared, the kids had eaten and were waiting for the watermelons as a dessert. Full of expectation they got the watermelons and had a wonderful Easter with it.

We will like to say thanks to all our sponsors. Our words are inadequate to express how grateful we are for thus far.