Closing Program of the MTA School

28.06.2012 12:45 von Anthony Collins

The fourth closing program of the Monrovia Training Academy school started at 2:30 PM on the 24th day of June 2012. From the hour of 1:30 PM to 2:30 PM, the parents, students, invited guests and kept pulling in at the MTA compound. The organizers of the program Charles K. Cooper and Chuck S. Smith kept distributing the program sheets to the audience. At 2:30 PM, the program started, it began with the calling in of special quests to take their seats. The chairman and members of the school board and the guest speaker (Anthony Collins as representative of Kinder Afrikas e.V.) was also called in during this time.

The program opened with a prayer. After the prayer, the welcome remarks were given by Student Victor Smith of the ninth grade class. The program became interesting and full of actions as we moved further with the coming of the students and their amazing recitation. We also had student Daiwo Kollie who read a brief history of the Monrovia Training Academy. The history dealt with the inception of the home in 1991 to late 1999. It explained how the home came into existence. It elaborated from the embryonic stage of the feeding center to the time Monrovia Training Academy became an orphanage.

It also said that the MTA managed to stay in a lease compound for three years (1996 – 1999). The history of the MTA, as explained by the writer told the audience about the pathetic evacuation of the orphans and the way their belongings were thrown out. The writer of this brief history is Charles K. Cooper. The two of us are contemplating on writing an article. I (Anthony Collins) in order to have this article completed, I will be writing the history from December 31, 1999 up to present. You can watch out for this very soon.

After the brief history of the MTA, next was the introduction of the guest speaker. The introduction was done by Charles K. Cooper. In his introduction he briefly looked at the past and current life of the guest speaker which would be me.

After the introduction, I finally took the podium. In my speech, I discussed on the topic Education and the responsibility of parents, government and children in Liberia. I tryed to give a clear picture of our individual responsibility to education. I also looked at our current national vision 2030. I sowed within their minds, how Liberia is in great need of their children education. I also ended by telling them that it is difficult to hold these responsibilities; and that they are not the first to endure it. I further told them that it is not easy to get through but it is only when you decide to dig a hole. That is, when you start from the top to the bottom. But if we as Liberians ever want to get to where we envisage, we must keep our individual responsibility to education. I closed the speech by extending the gratitude of our organization (Kinder Afrikas e.V.) to them. The entire speech lasted for 10 minutes. The microphone was not good, it was broken which took up a lot of time. After the speech, the program moved on with the pinning of the graduating Kindergarten (K-2) students.

Next was the calling of the MTA dancing crew; they lighted the stage with mastery of good dance. After the dance the program proceeded; with announcement of the school academic report for the year. This report was read by Mr. Omega Stephens, he is the current vice principal for instructions (VPI) at the Monrovia Training Academy School. The closing program continued, with remarks from relevant bodies in the school. The first to make remarks were parents; followed by the administration of the MTA School. The remark of the administration was made by Mr. Christian Z. Kesselly, he is one of the teachers at the school. The board of the MTA remark was given by the co-chairman, Mr. Jackson Natuwa. He admonished parents for their commitment and urged them to send their children next year. He stressed the need that the students keep their eyes open and take advantage of the opportunity provided by the school. The next to make remarks was me again as the representative of Kinder Afrikas e.V. I first told parents about the organization commitment to give their children the best education and that their interest in educating their kids is paramount to the up-keep of them in old age. I told them we appreciate their interest in the school and to keep watching out for the next academic year. I also told the students that they should maintain a studious life. I said to them, although they are going on vacation, but they should keep their eyes on their books. I told the parents and children that they are in need of each other so dearly. That is, at the moment the children need their support to become educated. And that the parents will be in need of them in the soonest possible time of old age. As you may know, in Africa, we maintain the extended family system, so this is where I was driving them into the right direction.

The program came to an end, with benediction; the closing prayer was done by Rev. Alphonso Brooks, who is also a teacher at the school.

We like to extend our thanks to all the wonderful sponsors and the amazing board of Kinder Afrikas e.V. we hope to keep improving our work.