Christmas Celebration

10.02.2013 15:37 von Emmanuel Blama

Hello to all my readers! Today I am here to report to you about the Christmas Celebration at the Monrovia Training Academy Orphanage in 2012. I am Emmanuel S. Blama, a local staff member of Kinder Afrikas e.V. here in Liberia.

The Christmas celebration at the MTA started on the 24th of December with the arrival of Mother Langford (the mother of the orphanage) and some of the bigger girls, who cames from the market with a lot of food. Some of these items included lots of fish, chicken wings, pig meats, and other ingredients.

Meanwhile, some chickens were also killed from the chicken poultry to be used as additional meat for the food.
Later at this evening, the orphanage’s generator was powered on and some of the kids were in the living room of Ms. Langford, watching movies while the lights were used to prepare the food for the next morning.
On the morning of December 25 th Ms. Langford and her cooking team started preparing the food, while other girls went to a clothes store to pick up the clothes for the kids. By the time the clothes arrived, they were distributed to each children and they all went on to get their clothes prepared.
During this time, the girls, the cooks and Ms. Langford were almost finished preparing the food and by the time the food was ready, it was distributed to every kid and the staffs of the orphanage and everyone consumed their share of the Christmas food.

Later that afternoon, the generator was turned on and all kids were dressed in their clothes. All who wanted to watch movies went into the house to Ms. Langford’s television. For some, going out was the best thing to do, so they went out in the community to associate with friends and other community members. Some of the kids wanted to take a lot of pictures of themselves and so we helped some of them to take their photos and later printed them on a different day.

In addition to anything they had (money), we (Anthony and Emmanuel) gave an equivalent of $15 USD in Liberian Dollars to the bigger boys to enable them carry on their desired activities.
After this process, I went on a tour with my bicycle team around the city of Monrovia to recruit more members for our association (Liberia National Cycling Association).

At night time, all kids were at the orphanage according to the time set by Ms. Langford to be home and they were separated according to desire (Those who wanted to continue watching movie and those who just wanted to go directly to bed). For the ones that want to watching movies, they went to the living room and the other who just wanted to sleep went to bed.

In conclusion, I want to be thankful to Kinder Afrikas e.V. and it sponsors for their great support toward the upkeep of the orphanage and the wellbeing of Liberian kids whose parents don’t have the adequate resources to take care of them. I hope you had a great time reading this article.

Thank you!!!