African Custom at the Monrovia Training Academy Elementary and Junior HighSchool

05.06.2013 18:25 von Emmanuel Blama

This is Emanuel S. Blama and I am here today to report to you about the closing and graduation exercises of the MTA School.

The African custom at the MTA School was held in order for the kids in the school to show case their African dresscodes. During this day all the kids got dressed in their favorite African dress codes and came on the school campus. There were teachers assigned to monitor the program and there were judges at the school to consider which child’s dress code was the best. At the end, a few of kids were selected among the many kids that were dressed.

The competition was mainly between three kids: Rennel Sackie, Martha Jackson and Princess Koko. At the competition’s final judgment, Rennel Sackie was announced winner of the African custom. She was asked to repeat the dress code the following Monday after the competition and the repetition of the dress code was a true revelation of a true African lady.

The program was really fine and everyone enjoyed it!