Anthony Collins aus Liberia macht Praktikum in Deutschland

20.02.2016 22:49

Unser Mitarbeiter Anthony aus Liberia blickt auf sein Praktikum in Deutschland zurück, das er beim PHW-Konzern ableisten konnte:

It is now several months, since I arrived in the clear summer sky of Germany on July 31, 2015. Sitting a seat away from the window of the Lufthansa airplane, as I observed the streets and houses from above. It was an amazing experienced from an individual whose visions have been distorted by 14 years of civil war and loss of both parents. I reflected on the view I saw over my nation, when I left it.

Upon arriving on the Frankfurt airport, it became very clear to me that I was facing a reality of the 21st century life. I was literally overwhelmed by the huge facility of the airport.  I got stuck up in my mind and my little world of narrowness. However, through asking questions as it relates to the departure stand for Munich airport, I was able to find it. I arrived at Munich airport in a very short time, with a splendid sky view of one of the world’s most beautiful cities.

As I came from inside the airport, I was welcomed by Richard and Carlos Pöschl. It was breath taking to see a friend and his child who left Liberia over 3 years. As we drove through the streets of Munich on our way home. I kept looking through the car windscreen to get a view of the modern and unique structures of the city.  The day was an amazing moment that can never be erase by the highs and lows I had here. In fact, I have learned that life importance is the beauty of its ups and downs.

Having spent over half a year in Germany, my time here have exposed me to lots of things that have changed my perspectives on life. The beauty of attending a one month German language course at Gasteig; with the opportunity of meeting new individuals who became friends is a treasure of memory.  When the study gradually progressed, it became evidence to me that I was in for a fight that I under estimated. This was one of the moment, when I started asking myself if I really had what it takes to make it. As time eroded, there was a resurgence in my confidence to study the language.   After the study period elapse on September 30, 2015, Richard Pöschl Jr and Richard Pöschl Sr took me to Möckern for my next journey with my internship at “Wiesenhof.”

The internship was and is the defining moment of my being during the over half year stay in Germany. It gave me a firsthand information on the aspect of poultry production as it relates to 21st century practice. In my study in Liberia, we discussed poultry production from a theoretical perspective; but the internship exposed me to all the production chain within this aspect of agriculture from a practical point. There were challenging times, but I soared above these times because I knew I wanted it. My actual drive in succeeding at the company was the fact that I had my mind made up to succeed. In the midst of the challenges, I told myself come what may I must walk away with a victory. I also knew that so many persons did put their character on the line for where I was at the company. So it would have been a shame to misuse their trust.  One of them was Richard, who gave up so much for me to get to Germany. So it was prudent to also bring him and the donors of the organization the smile that I needed to prove his conviction.

There were times, I wanted to walk away, there were times I became gloomy, there were times it was cloudy from private issues. In the midst of all, I kept my focus and challenged my every being to keep the momentum alive. It is one thing to work happy, it is another thing to work confused but have to keep your spirit in check. The “Wiesenhof” Möckern family is a wonderful family, still reflect on their commitments, patience, care and open arms. Those little acts from every department I worked with worth an immeasurable gratitude from me. I will never forget the times we worked together, as each individual wrote a memorial on my heart. My success would not have been possible without the heads of the various departments and the overall commitment of the managers of the Möckern branch.   Their care, commitment and even driving me to the various department worth noting. I am grateful to the owners of the company and the CEO of the PHW Group. She took her precious times to welcome me in Möckern and went on to invite me to the company head quarter. I am very appreciative for the selfless act and the hope that every one of you have given a person who struggle with inner turmoil.

At this juncture, I now wonder what I can say to thank someone who have believe in me both in my high and low moments. Someone who have witness the strength and weakness of a friend; but still believing to eliminate the veil. I have always try to remain as close as possible to my past, but you kept believing and convincing others about me that it was possible. I want to thank you Richard, your entire family for the care, commitments and acceptance of me in your generous family. My words are inadequate to express my gratitude for the years of support rendered to me and country. I honestly believe that it takes a heart for humanity to give away eight (8) years of your future and still willing to keep on even with a job.  I still wonder who you are, a heart that is caring and keeping hope in chaos. I retrospect a lot, when I left my late mother with six (6) pieces of clothes. I had four (4) in the plastic and wearing two (2) as I walked into the MTA orphanage on Thursday evening; 12th September 1996.  In my name home, all I had was my pieces of clothes, a plastic and a Kindergarten education. I never thought I would be in this place and redefining a future.  I have been through hell and hot water, know what it means to go to bed hungry, without clothes, dropping out of school and lots more. There are many who contributed to my journey, but for the sake of this letter. I want to say thank you for the exposure, the contributions for my run to two undergraduate degrees, an internship, a language course and the countless support.

In me is buried the hopes, dreams, trust and conviction of you, the sponsor’s and my sponsors strength, believe and ideas. I see further today, because you guys give away your yesterday. These successes would not have been possible without the investment of you, the board, and my sponsors’ constant commitment to Kinder Afrikas e.V visions. I am very thankful for all the help everyone have given me. I appreciate the city tour by everyone when I came, I still remember those jaw dropping occasions for me. As we walked to Trudering railway station through the beautiful city of Munich; my mind was blown by the craftivism of the buildings and streets.  As I said, I am indebted to you, your family, your country and people. So much investment have been made in my life by this country nationals than any other group.  Those who this letter will not reach, please extend my gratitude to them for the contribution and for welcoming me in their homes through their donations. I gained so much here, that if we take it step by step a book might come up. The time was awesome and no level of negativism of any situation will ever stop the regurgitation of the good memories.

As I look over the horizon of my departure to my country. The only thing I carry with me in my luggages and heart is the impeccable friendship that was thoroughly given to me for which I am very grateful to you, family and for which I remain indebted. Thanks for the accommodation, smile, meal, clothes and the numerous support. Again thanks to all and long live Kinder Afrikas e.V.