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First Eggs: Poultry Project Phase II Report

15.02.2013 14:39 von Anthony Collins

The second phase of the poultry project started on August 30th, 2012. In the beginning of this phase, we ordered a total of 200 Rhode Island layers chicken from Guinea. It went through hard times to get hold of the one day old chicken. Upon receiving the chicken from the seller, ten of them died from the severe cold that accompanied the heavy rainfall in Liberia during August 2012. So we got a total of 190 Rhode Island layers chicken. The organization (Kinder Afrikas e.V), was able to allocate fund for the heating of the chicks. The provider of the chicken told us that 10 of the day old chicks died while bringing them from Guinea. 

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Reopening of the Monrovia Training Academy

10.02.2013 17:25 von Emmanuel Blama

In accordance with the pronouncement of the ministry of Education of the Republic of Liberia that all schools should reopen for the beginning of the second semester on the Fourth (4th) day of February 2013. The Monrovia Training Academy Elementary, Junior and Senior High School reopened its doors at this day.

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Christmas Celebration

10.02.2013 15:37 von Emmanuel Blama

Hello to all my readers! Today I am here to report to you about the Christmas Celebration at the Monrovia Training Academy Orphanage in 2012. I am Emmanuel S. Blama, a local staff member of Kinder Afrikas e.V. here in Liberia.

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The Rabbit Project

07.01.2013 16:04 von Anthony Collins

The rabbit project at the Monrovia Training Academy is a project stamped out by an internet discussion. The project idea and support started with Mr. Thorsten Schaefer.  I remembered that - back in March - we started a chat on facebook. He asked me how the poultry project was going. I told him that getting the chicken into the coop was difficult. Although, we got the first chicken in, the problem of feeding them became another challenge. After that, we both talked about the chicken and he asked me if I was interested in rearing rabbits.

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